An Interview with Lennar in San Antonio, TX

In this exclusive Interview with Lennar.  Anessa explains more about the Smart Home Features and everything included way that Lennar is building their homes.

John: Hey everybody, John Giacobbe. I am out at Lennar Homes at Westpointe off of Wiseman and 1604. If you're interested in a brand-new Lennar Home, you're gonna wanna stick around and see what Anessa has to say. Hey everybody, John Giacobbe, I'm meeting with my friend, Anessa Meadows today at Lennar Homes at Westpointe. Anessa, if you could tell our audience out there today a little bit more about yourself, what did you do before getting into real estate?

Anessa: For 12 years, I was a firefighter-paramedic here in San Antonio, and now I sell homes for Lennar.

John: Awesome, so how long have you been with Lennar Homes?

Anessa: I've been with Lennar since September of this year, so I'm pretty new.

John: Awesome, very good. Now, we're over here today at Westpointe at Lennar, can you tell us a little bit about where this neighborhood is located?

Anessa: We're located off of 1604 and Wiseman, just out in Fronterra.

John: Very good, now with Lennar Homes, can you tell us a little bit more about what features makes a Lennar Home unique? What is the biggest thing that Lennar does differently?Lennar at Waterford Park

Anessa: Well, Lennar is an Everything Included Home. We don't have any upgrades. What you see is what you get with us, so when you walk into our model homes, and our different series, everything you see is included, except for the automated blinds.

John: Very good, now technology is a huge thing with Lennar. Can you tell us a little bit more about the technology that goes into these Lennar Homes?

Anessa: Lennar is partnered with Amazon, so we have an agreement with them that our Alexa display, Echo Dot, and Sonos speaker all come included with Lennar. We're a Wi-Fi certified home, we have routers in the ceiling that make sure the home is Wi-Fi heat-mapped, so there's no Wi-Fi dead spots.

John: Very cool. Now what are some of the things that Alexa does in the new Lennar Homes?

Anessa: Well we have some scenes that are programmed into Alexa, and since we have the Ring doorbell, I can say, "Alexa, show me who's at my front door.", and the Ring doorbell will show on the display who's at the front door, and you can ask Alexa to do any kind of recipe you want, she'll show it on the screen, and if you have our automated blinds, you can say, "Alexa, turn on party time," and she'll lower the blinds, lower the lights and turn on some really awesome music.

John: Very good, now can you tell us a little bit more about the efficiency that goes into a brand-new Lennar Home?

Lennar at VentanaAnessa: Yeah, our Lennar Homes are very energy efficient, so we have an R15 rating in the walls, and an R30 in the ceilings, everything is Low-E in the windows. We use GE appliances, they're very energy efficient, and since it is Wi-Fi, you can control your anything from your phone.

John: And now, this community that we're at today, Lennar Westpointe, what would you say is one of the biggest draws that brings people out to this area, to this location here?

Anessa: We have the Northside ISD school district and is one of the most desirable school districts in San Antonio, also we have a great amenities center, and here, it's a real community kind of feel. There's lots of young children, young families here, and there's so much just to do in our community.

John: And now, if somebody were interested in building a house from the ground up with Lennar, what does that process look like with you?

Anessa: Well, you come meet with me in my sales office. We'll go out and pick a lot, we'll pick a floor plan, and then I show you a color board. There's no upgrades, and you pick the color board you want. You want white cabinets, you can get white cabinets. You want dark cabinets, you get dark cabinets, and then you pick the elevation of your home, and then from that point on, it can take six to eight months to build your home, and then it'll be all yours at the end of the process.Lennar at Mission Del Lago

John: Okay, and now if somebody were trying to decide between maybe buying a preowned home versus new construction, what would you say to that buyer? Why should they go with a brand-new home?

Anessa: 'Cause it's brand new. So, we have warranties that come with our home. We have a one, two, 10 warranty, and the one year covers everything in the home except cosmetics, two's gonna be all your major, like your electrical, plumbing, and wiring, and then 10 on the foundation and the structure. So, and then we have an amazing Customer Care, so if there are any issues, they come and help you take care of it.

John: And if somebody were considering the thought of buying a brand-new house, when would you say is the best time to get started?

Anessa: Right now, we have amazing amount of inventory that can close pretty quickly, and also interest rates are on the rise, they're not super high, but they're not super low like we're used to, so locking it in now would be the best time.

John: Absolutely, I couldn't agree with you more on that one. Now, if somebody were interested in Lennar Homes, where are you guys located throughout San Antonio?Lennar at Potranco Run

Anessa: We have over 50 communities throughout San Antonio, all the way up to New Braunfels and down to Mission Del Lago, so I have a home for everybody.

John: Wow, so you guys are located all over--

Anessa: All over.

John: All over San Antonio.

Anessa: Yep.

John: Very good. Now if somebody wanted more information about Lennar Homes, where would they go to learn a little bit more about the builder?

Anessa: You can go to and look all the information up there, or you can contact me directly.

John: Very good, now how would somebody get ahold of you if they were interested in working with you to buy their new Lennar Home?

Anessa: They can just reach out to my cell phone number, which is 234-2454.

John: Very good, well thank you so much for being part of John Giacobbe's Builder of the Week!

Lennar at Marbach Village

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