So you're interested in building your very own home.. It can be a bit of a daunting task and scary if you've never done it before but I've helped lots of families with the process of building their very own custom San Antonio homes.  So give me a call and I'd love to guide your through the process!  I would like to share with you some tips and simple steps to guide you along the process of building your very own custom dream home!

1.  First locate your lot- Some things to consider, what part of town are you looking to build? Are you wanting to build within a community or find raw land to build your home on? If you are building on raw land you have to make sure there is water, sewer, an utilities available on the property.. Most builder communities already have utilities on each available building site.

2.  Figure out which builder you will be going with.  Builders are all very different but the usual timeframe from permitting to final walkthrough typically can range anywhere from 4-8 months and sometimes longer depending on the size and complexity of the home you are building.  Figure out what you would like to spend and I can guide you to a builder that can provide the finished product at a price that is affordable for you.

3.  Select a Floorplan- Are you wanting a one story or a two story? Are you needing a 3 bedroom or a 4 bedroom, did you want an office room- a 3 car garage needed? Go through an inventory of everything you want and work with the builder to select the floorplan, size and upgrades that match your budget.

4.  Once you have selected a floor plan, lot, structural upgrades this is where the builder will provide you with a total price for the construction of your home.

5.  Make an offer- I will work with you to pull comparable sales of other similar new construction homes that are similar and help you determine the fair market offer to give the builder.  If you are buying a spec home 'one that has selections already made' you will likely get a better deal for your home.

6.  Deposit the earnest money with the builder- Builders will typically request anywhere between $500- 2% of the full construction of the home to get your project started.

7.  Permitting- Usually the first month of the construction process the builder is going to start gathering the building permits necessary for constructing your home.

8.  Go through the phases of construction- From roughing in the pipes and electrical, slab pour, framing stage, sheetrocking, and finish outs.. Keep an eye on your home to make sure things are being done right!

9.  Once the home is complete we will schedule an independent inspection and walkthrough the property checking for any flaws or imperfections that you would like to have fixed prior to closing.

10.  Final Walkthrough and closing day! 

Congratulations!! You are now the proud owner of your very own custom dream home!!

Interested in building your very own home.. Contact John Giacobbe- San Antonio's Top Realtor, John has helped guide many many families through the process of building their very own home.. I am available any time to answer your questions and help make you a homeowner!! 

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