Oasis Giacobbe

Real Estate Photo - OASIS GIACOBBE

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Growing up in San Antonio, TX Oasis has been surrounded near the western and eastern areas that she actively would volunteer in. Oasis was a very determined young student who would take active roles in the Bandera Road City Church and helped feed many by being a volunteer for the San Antonio Food Bank and Haven For Hope organizations. After Oasis graduated from Harlan H.S in 2021, she attended many real estate and builder events that helped kick-start her career in real estate! Her mission is to continue to be an asset for numerous families through real estate and help continuously serve and grow communities in the city of San Antonio. 


Since beginning Real Estate, Oasis has been all over social media making videos that will help not only her clients, but also other real estate agents in the home buying/selling process. She uses her social media platform to ensure all clients are educated and feel safe about buying and/or renting a new home. She continues to make daily videos that will answer questions and concerns for new first time homebuyers and people who are interested in anything that is real estate related. Oasis understands that selling and/or buying a home can feel complex and personal. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards her clients drives her to truly be an expert at her job. Oasis understands the market, the players, and all of the variables in a real estate transaction. She wants to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted advisor by your side always. With her aggressive negotiation skills and exceptional customer service she will make the real estate process nothing but smooth and straightforward.